Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Torch guarded by heavy weapons Jakarta. How many divisions has the Torch got? How many you want?

You cannot make this stuff up. The Torch is a nightmare that must be guarded? The cadre surprises me. There must be a game within a game. Soon I can imagine the Torch offered a seat at the Politburo. The cadre apes the Stalinist apparatus. Frightened young men, aware that they are aiming at junior positions in shipping offices in the year 2040. Torch is clearly an IPO launch specialist.

Olympic Torch Relay Held Behind Closed Doors in Indonesia
By Nancy-Amelia Collins
22 April 2008

The Beijing Olympic torch relay was held in the Indonesian capital amid tight security and at an invitation only ceremony in a Jakarta stadium attended by a handpicked crowd of several thousand.The Olympic flame arrived in Australia Wednesday for the Canberra leg of the torch relay as the city prepares for major protests. VOA's Nancy-Amelia Collins in Jakarta has more.

Indonesian paramilitary police guard motorcade carrying Olympic flame prior to start of torch relay at main stadium in Jakarta, 22 Apr 2008

The Olympic flame fluttered out after only a few seconds and had to be re-lit as Jakarta's Governor Fauzi Bowo led the torch parade before a carefully selected crowd at Jakarta's Bung Karno Stadium.

He was the first of 80 torchbearers, including athletes and television stars, to run a route circling the stadium five times.

Police earlier broke up a group of around 100 pro-Tibet protesters outside the giant sports stadium, briefly detaining eight people, including a Dutch citizen.

Security was tight with more than 3,000 police officers deployed around the massive sports complex.

Officials from the Chinese embassy helped man the stadium gates, refusing entry to many, including accredited journalists.

The event was closed to the public after the Chinese embassy insisted the torch relay be shortened and limited to 5,000 invited guests, mostly Chinese school children, Indonesian officials, and journalists.

Initially it was to take place before the public and along the bustling streets of Jakarta.

Presidential spokesman Dino Djalal told VOA the route was changed for security reasons.

"We are very happy," he said. "I mean this is an international event for peace that we have always supported. We want to make the Olympics in Beijing a big success ... there is some security issues, I mean we have been watching what has been happening and we want to make sure that things go smoothly and we think that its much more manageable if we do it with this route that we have arranged."

The worldwide journey of the Olympic flame has been dogged by anti- and pro-China demonstrations and criticism of Beijing's human rights record following China's deadly crackdown last month on anti-government riots in Tibet

Even in the carefully selected crowd at the Jakarta stadium, student Hendra, excited to see the parade, expressed mixed emotions.

"I feel happy because this is the first time the Olympic torch come to Indonesia, [but] that is the bad side of this Olympic thing - because of the invasion by China of Tibet," Hendra said.

The chairperson of the Indonesian Olympics Committee, Rita Subowo, expressed hope China would peacefully resolve its problems in Tibet.

"With full confidence that the government of People's Republic of China shall strive to find through dialogue and understanding a fair and reasonable solution to the internal conflicts that affects the Tibet region," she said.

The Olympic torch next travels to Australia.

Authorities expect as many as 10,000 pro-Tibet and pro-China demonstrators at Thursday's relay stage in Canberra. Australian authorities have put up barricades and fences to protect the route of the torch relay.

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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sport:

Ah, irony, horror upon horror, lies, venality and plain rottenness of the whole er, "spirit of the Olympic flame..." A crock. And it reveals much about the multiple conundrums, the internal phony contradictions of Leftard activism and so much more...

Er, if Chinese Communists were happy to murder maybe 80 million of their own people, and old Tibet was a hideous Theocratic oligarchy, the Left loves Che the child killer, many young Chinese are proud of their country and er, etc, our local Governments welcome the Olympic panto, etc, etc...and China is a Leftist Communist government land no matter the recent capitalism…

Yep it's a global three ring circus of status, cash, ego, celebrity and wank, with a cast of thousands of people, oppressed and dead people too...

It can hurt ones head. Me? While I'd prefer the small clique that owns China Inc. to tender their resignations and subsequent suicides...I see no insight or effective much of anything just about anywhere about dealing with any er, realities. 50 years of Tibet stickers result in more stickers and a Left Liberalism that has perfected its profound stupidity, control freakery and delusions. A Left of moral vanity and Totalitarian urges criticises China? Ha, it is to laugh…

And what replaces the freak power group that runs vast China on a whim exactly? Or the one in Tibet? The old Theocracy of torture of 10th century backwardness? Maybe King Richard Gere? Harrison chuckles Ford as President? Oh, maybe old Q ball head as host?

A joke of misery with a cast of useless phony’s…The Communist Dictatorship rides a dragon after short, a nightmare. And um, I believe they may have some rather unpleasant plans for us all, being the arrogant untouchable swine they are...

Colonel Robert Neville dot blogspot dot com.